Royal fans praise Zara after relatable moment which made Queen vigil real

The eldest granddaughter of the Queen has been praised by royal fans as they spotted Zara Tindall provide a "totally relatable" moment at the historic vigil.

Her Majesty's eight grandchildren all presented themselves at the vigil, with Prince William and Prince Harry leading the march toward the Queen's coffin at Westminster Hall.

The Prince of Wales, Duke of Sussex and Zara Tindall were joined by Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor and Peter Phillips.

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Young James Windsor, Viscount Severn, was also present for the touching proceedings that saw Tindall make a unique, relatable moment at the vigil held to honour the Queen.

The group stayed for around 15 minutes until they were led out by William, but it would appear Zara had some trouble with her shoe and had to return to the vigil to reclaim it.

She shared a smile at Lady Louise as she walked up the staircase to the exit hall and replaced her right shoe, causing the rest of the mourners to wait.

Royal fans have since praised Zara for the "totally relatable" mishap that shows just how the royal can deal with gaffes in "good grace."

One wrote on Twitter: "Suspect Zara lost her shoe there, dealt with it in good grace. Beautiful vigil."

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Another chimed in: "Zara losing her shoe lightened the moment and made things more real."

A third even said it improved the mood with how relatable it was, saying: "I was crying until Zara lost her shoe going up the steps. Totally relatable moment that made me smile."

One Royal Family fan added: "So relatable, real people going through a horrible experience and showing us how amazing our royal family is."

Aside from Prince Harry and William, the Prince of Wales, who were present in military garb, the Royal grandchildren were dressed in black when they were present at the vigil.

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