Royal fans prefer Meghans doc as Kates bedtime story like reading a script

Royal fans have slammed Kate Middleton's bedtime story, saying it was like "reading a script", instead praising Meghan Markle's Disney documentary.

Twitter users took to the social media site to make their opinions known after the Duchess of Cambridge appeared on CBeebies on Sunday, February 13, to read a bedtime story.

Kate read the children's classic, The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark, which she claims she enjoyed as a child and now reads to her own kids.

The book, by Jill Tomlinson, tells the story of baby barn owl Plop, who is helped by others to grow in confidence and overcome his fears.

The Duchess chose the book to mark Children’s Mental Health Week as the story chimes with this year’s theme of Growing Together.

At the end of the reading, the mum-of-three added: “Wow, what an encouraging tale.

“We can all feel scared sometimes just like our little owl friend Plop, but as Mrs Barn Own said, ‘It’s better to find out about the things that scare us before we make up our mind’.

“And with the help of others, we can often face things that worry us. Now it’s time for bed. Night night and sleep tight."

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However, some royal fans were not too thrilled with Kate's reading, claiming it felt like she was just reading from a script.

One Twitter user wrote: "I love Kate but I am sorry I preferred listening to Meghan on her elephants show on Disney even though she wasn't telling a story you could imagine it being a story Kate was like she was reading a script."

Another added: "Kate Middleton's bedtime story was boring tbh [to be honest]."

Others however were very pleased with Kate's reading, with one fan tweeting: "My little granddaughter just loved the CBeebies Bedtime Story read by Catherine – I was explaining the lady will be our country’s Queen one day – but she replied 'nah she doesn’t have a crown'. Well done Kate – loved hearing about little Plop."

A second said: "@KensingtonRoyal amazing story reading Kate Middleton."

Patricia Hidalgo, director of BBC children's and education programmes, said before her appearance: “I couldn't be more proud to have the Duchess read a CBeebies bedtime story as we mark the 20th anniversary of our CBeebies and CBBC channels.

“It's such a special and relevant tale and perfectly represents this year's Children's Mental Health Week theme. I can't wait to see her deliver her own take on such a classic story and I'm sure our audience can't either.”

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