Royal fans spot Prince Harry sitting alone on opposite side of chapel to William

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Prince Harry was spotted sitting alone on the opposite side of St George’s Chapel from his brother Prince William and other senior members of the Royal Family amid their alleged feud.

The Duke of Sussex is in Windsor for his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral today (April 17).

It is the first time he has been pictured with William and father Prince Charles following the explosive Oprah Winfrey interview.

An alleged feud between the brothers has been well-publicized for years but the pair walked solemnly together – with cousin Peter standing between them – on the way to St George’s Chapel.

But after they entered, Harry was spotted separating from his brother to sit on the opposite aisle.

BBC cameras then captured him sitting alone due to social distancing measures.

And royal fans were quick to notice the choice of seating arrangements amid the supposed feud.

“Is Prince Harry on opposite aisle from most of close family?” one asked on Twitter.

“If so, then this is a deep rift.

“If at all possible, for the optics alone, Harry would have been nearer William.”

Another added: “Prince Harry sitting in the church all by himself is so sad.”

A third commented: “Do you see where Prince Harry is sitting now. They disown him and wanted the world to see.”

Many other fans though dismissed any suggestion that the spot Harry was sitting had anything to do with a relationship breakdown.

“They have to sit isolated from each household,” one pointed out.

Harry travelled alone to the UK after his heavily pregnant wife Meghan Markle was advised by her doctor to stay at home in California.

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