Russia could use "covid computer virus" to attack West, expert claims

Russia has developed and could release “Covid for computers” to attack phones and laptops through porn sites, it's been claimed.

The malware, which experts claim Russia has been working on over the last two decades, could have the potential to infect millions of UK devices

Russia’s spy agencies the FSB and GRU are poised to unleash a wave of cyberattacks, according to a former cyber spy.

The agency told The Mirror : "One click on an enticing video is enough to introduce malware into your computer or mobile.

"The advice for safe cybersex is the same as for real sex – use protection."

Following the news, users are being urged to update their security software to their devices to defend against any attacks.

The public should also keep all sensitive information on a laptop that isn’t linked to the internet so that the virus can’t access it.

As experts fear that the attack could have devastating consequences on the British economy.

Analysis from the Sunday Times shows the malware has the potential to shut off access to the internet – which means no Google, Instagram or any messaging services.

The malware could potentially see cash machines pulled offline and a complete disabling of computers that would leave people unable to check bank accounts.

Water supplies and power networks could also be cut off, experts say.

Danny Lopez, head of cybersecurity at Glasswall, said today's interconnected digital world has made debilitating attacks easier to execute.

"The main objective of a cyberattack is to cause maximum disruption, confusion, fear and chaos," he told the Sunday Times.

He said any such attacks would target "critical infrastructure" such as the supply of energy, electricity, gas, water and transport.

"A power cut, or, say, a loss of critical record access at a hospital, for instance, could unfortunately have a serious impact on our lives," he said.

It comes as the National Cyber Security Centre registered 777 attempted breaches of critical infrastructure last year as Russian, China, North Korea and Iran allegedly tried to infiltrate four in ten businesses.

Small businesses and people without an understanding of cyber protection are most at risk.

The Sun reports that British cyber intelligence is on high alert anticipating that hackers will infiltrate remaining Ukrainian networks, NATO systems or Whitehall computers.

The senior intelligence source said they were “braced” for retaliation but was surprised it had not yet happened.

Last week NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned a hack attack on allied nations could spark a wider war.

The Senior Intelligence source said: “We’re braced for a cyber attack

“We know they have experience and capability in this area, but we can’t work out why they haven’t done it yet.”

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