Russia growing very vulnerable as easy target troops losing Moscow millions in weapons

Tim Collins hopes there will be 'a fracture within the Kremlin'

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Former British Army Officer Tim Collins discussed how Russia’s troops are losing morale as soldiers are growing disillusioned with the military campaign. Russian forces have been launched an invasion of neighbouring Ukraine  14 days ago at President Vladimir Putin’s insistence. The former Army Officer said that in addition to losing soldiers, war on Ukraine is also costing Moscow millions of expensive aircraft being destroyed by Ukrainian fighters on the battlefield.

Mr Collins told GB News: “Well, essentially the momentum of their attack has broken down its demoralising their soldiers, they’re taking big losses.

“Their logistics train seems to of broken down, and they found themselves very vulnerable to resistance units when they have to travel on roads because they can’t move off because of the mud then they’re canalised, and easy targets for resistance forces.

“So, I think that again it’s a question of what the overall strategy of ending this war is, there’s a possibility that the Ukrainians may have a stalemate.

“There is a possibility the Ukrainians might even win because the Russians have been drawn towards Odessa which is a really important town.


Mr Collins added: “But the fact that it’s crucial to the Ukrainians and its the main port, but the Sea of Azov has already been cut off to them.

“And so, Odessa will be fought for very hard and it may well be that’s their Stalingrad, that’s where ultimately the tide changes.

“In the same regard in terms of the Russians have failed to achieve air supremacy, they still have air superiority, but with air superiority, they’re losing large amounts of aircraft.

“And these are expensive aircrafts, I mean a SU-30 came down the other day, that’s 40m dollars, and you saw the MI24 Hind being shot down that’s 36m dollars they can’t afford this.”

Ukraine invasion to mark end of 'arrogant' Putin says Ben Wallace

The Ministry of Defence recently made the suggestion that Russia might be backing off the offensive due to concerns about the reception of war on Russian soil.

Since the invasion, thousands of Russians have been arrested in Russia for protesting against the invasion, which Russian state media have been calling an “operation.”

In an intelligence update, the MoD said: “Russia is increasingly restricting domestic social media access to limit negative coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“This will further confine the information space and make it increasingly difficult for the Russian population to gain access to anything other than the Russian state’s official view.

“This indicates the Kremlin’s concern over the Russian population’s attitude to the conflict.”


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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace echoed a similar sentiment as Mr Collins during a Radio 4 interview.

Mr Wallace said: “The cost for Putin is not just in the invasion, it’s going to be in the decades of occupation which I don’t think he’ll be able to sustain.

“I think we’ll see him and his forces already, exhausted.

“And if you think it takes 150,000 as he thinks it does to invade a country where he was arrogantly thinking they would welcome him as a liberator, you try occupying a country the size of France and Germany put together with 44m. 

“This will be Putin’s end, this country and so it should be

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