Russia must not be humiliated into any Ukraine peace deal

Russia: Vladimir Putin addresses rally in Moscow

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on the “great powers” to prevent Russia from “ending up like Germany after 1919” and hold a conference to set out conditions for peace and security beyond the war in Ukraine. In a heartfelt plea to world leaders, the Most Rev Justin Welby added that Russia must not be allowed to “repeat its aggression” and urged NATO to preserve the world’s security order – as it was done after the Second World War. To lead “sustainable peace” after Russia’s war of aggression, the Archbishop set out a roadmap with three axes.

Writing in The Daily Telegraph, he said: “First, by continuing to invest in defence for Ukraine to pursue its campaign, we must show there is no impunity for wars of aggression. But we must also match this with investment in peacebuilding engagement and strategy.

“Second, Ukraine cannot be forced into a Munich Agreement-like compromise. Ukrainians must not be pressured into an unjust peace.

“Third, preparations must begin to rebuild when the time comes.”

His call comes as world leaders have pledged to offer additional support to Ukraine in its defence of territory against Russian forces.

Rishi Sunak issued a rallying cry to allies to “move faster” and help Ukraine to “push forward”, as Britain prepared to send longer-range missiles to Kyiv.

In a G7 virtual conference today, the Prime Minister is expected to call on world leaders to seize a “window of opportunity” to support Kyiv in regaining territory.

While the Archbishop praised the UK and the NATO countries for helping Ukraine in its defence, he warned: “We are not at war and do not desire war with Russia. Our commitment to Ukraine’s defence is in money, not the lives of our soldiers, and is necessary and right if we want to avoid harder choices.”

He also urged world leaders to avoid repeating mistakes made in the aftermath of the First World War when a conference was held to punish Germany.

The defeated country had to accept complete responsibility for the war, lost 13 percent of its land and 12 percent of its population to the Allies and had to pay full reparations for the damage caused by the war, amounting to an estimated £6.6 billion.

Instead, the Archbishop said, world leaders should negotiate terms for the end of the war like the Big Three – the Soviet Union, Britain and the US – did after the Second World War.

“Today it must be done for a new century, including UN reform, while the cost of conflict is fading from most European memories,” the Archbishop said.

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The Archbishop issued the warning as the country is set to observe a minute’s silence at 11 am on the anniversary of the invasion.

Nearly a year after Russian forces rolled into Ukraine, there is still no sign of an end to the conflict. Neither side appears to be poised for an outright military victory, and progress at the negotiating table appears equally improbable.

Neither side has recently released figures, but analysts estimate that approximately 200,000 Russian troops have been killed or injured in the conflict. In comparison, Ukraine has had 100,000 soldiers killed or wounded in action, as well as 30,000 civilian deaths.

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