Russia totally destroys key Ukrainian nuclear facility in rocket attack horror

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A neutron generator at a physics institute has been destroyed in a Russian missile attack.

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog the Atomic Energy Agency said the generator in Kharkiv has apparently been destroyed, but there has been no release of radiation.

Rafael Mariano Grossi said that the relatively new facility was considered "subcritical" and had "a very small inventory of material".

He said it produced neutrons for scientific experiments.

The site was part of a co-operation between the US and Ukraine, according to Mr Grossi.

He said: "It's a scientific institution, so it's really very regrettable what happened."

Kharkiv has been under sustained attack by Russian forces in recent days. Yesterday, March 6, Russians were reported to have been attacking the physics institute in the city.

It contains nuclear material and a reactor, Ukraine's national security service said.

The security service added on Sunday that a strike on the nuclear facility could lead to "large-scale ecological disaster".

However, the Russian Defense Ministry said today it was the SBU, The Security Service of Ukraine, and militants of the Azov battalion that planed to blow up the reactor in a bid to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of launching a missile strike on an experimental nuclear installation.

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"The SBU, together with the militants of the Azov battalion, are preparing a provocation with possible radioactive contamination of the area near the city of Kharkiv. Nationalists mined a reactor at an experimental nuclear facility located at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology," the report says.

"The SBU and the militants of the Azov battalion" plan to blow up the reactor and accuse the Russian Armed Forces of allegedly launching a missile attack on an experimental nuclear facility."

The Ministry of Defense noted that "Foreign journalists arrived in Kharkiv on March 6 to record the consequences of the provocation, followed by accusations of the Russian Federation of creating an ecological catastrophe."

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