Russian escapes punishment for watching Putin speech with noodles on his ears

A Russian politician who chose to wear noodles on his ears while watching a speech from Vladimir Putin has avoided imprisonment.

Bold choices from the Communist Party deputy, Mikhail Abdalkin, saw the man looping the hoops of unleavened dough around his ears.

It wasn't because he had misplaced his headphones but in fact a daring mockery of the despot Russian President, who used the noodles as a way of conveying a colloquial Russian phrase.

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To have noodles on the ears in Russian terminology is "to lie to someone", and it would appear Abdalkin was aiming the food stuff and claim of deceit at Putin.

A court had since found Abdalkin guilty of "discrediting the Russian armed forces", where he was fined £1,480 (150,000 rubles) for his act of noodle-y outrage.

Speaking of his noodle-wearing image, Abdalkin said: "I wanted to show my dissatisfaction and the dissatisfaction of people who come to me. I believe there is nothing that discredits the armed forces [in the video]."

Despite this, The Communist Party will not punish the man for his actions, MoscowTimes reported.

A tweet from the Eastern European media team confirmed Abdalkin will not be punished for listening "to Putin's message with noodles on his ears".

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Abdalkin, a regional lawmaker, had also been called into police questioning for his noodle stunt, which was carried out on February 21, a speech given by the despot regarding the Ukraine war.

Although his own party and several senior Russian officials criticised him for his actions, Abdalkin refused to apologise and did not plead guilty to the charges.

The noodles in question were part of a February 21 upload, a 30-second clip Abdalkin uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Said video amassed 98,000+ views and has since landed Abdalkin and his noodles in hot water.

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