Russian Popeye returns to paradise Moscow as he attempts to chat up women

The man dubbed the Russian Popeye has returned to Moscow after previously leaving for Bali in search of warmer weather.

Kirill Tereshin, who refers to himself as a “professional bodybuilder”, previously made headlines after he injected oil into his biceps.

Now the internet personality, who goes by Bazooka Hands, has announced his return to the "paradise" of Russia with a video posted to YouTube showing people’s reaction to his unusual physique.

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He started in a shopping mall where he posed for photos with the public and demanded products, such as ice cream, for free – which he did not receive.

The content creator then posted people’s reactions to him walking down the street and let's say there were a lot of turned heads.

Shortly after he began approaching random women on the street to offer them money to come back to his apartment and stream with him.

When they don’t immediately agree he attempts to give them cash and talk them into the situation.

In one incident, he said: “Listen, let's go to my place to stream together. I’ll give you money”.

To which the girl responds “no”.

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He continues: “Well, for 2 hours only, just communication. $200 I’m ready to give you, just communication, as a kind of date with girls”.

The unnamed woman once again says “no”

Tereshin continues: “Well, easy money, you don’t have to work, you don’t have to suffer, I’m the man who can solve all your problems.

“Just like a date. There are rich men out there. I’m serious right from the get-go, let's go. Why don’t you want that?”

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Despite her repeated refusal, the internet personality does not end the interaction and continues to try convince her.

He continues to proposition several other women in the video offering them money to go home with him. They were all unsuccessful.

Tereshin ended the video by claiming that a lot of people recognised him and were just shy towards him, which he did not expect.

He also added that Moscow is better than Bali and he is happy to have returned home after six months away.

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