Russian security service defector hit in car crash that was no accident

A former Russian security service agent who fled to the US has been struck down by a car in a high-speed hit-and-run.

Ex-Federal Security Service (FSB) agent Fidar Khubaev was hospitalised with serious injuries he suffered from the car crash in a residential New Jersey neighbourhood on Thursday (January 26).

Former racecar driver Igor Sushko took to Twitter to break the news, writing: "Former FSB agent who fled to the US struck by car in a hit-and-run.

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"From Osechkin: The vehicle hit Fidar Khubaev at high speed in New Jersey, who on November 25th 2022 requested political asylum in the US."

But Sushko wasn't totally convinced the hit-and-run was purely accidental and hinted that Khubaev, who had been working to expose the Kremlin's criminality after he defected from the FSB, may have been injured on purpose.

The Ukrainian-American added: "Khubaev is hospitalised in serious condition. The vehicle fled the scene.

"Khubaev has been exposing the FSB's criminal schemes, providing Osechkin a 2-hour interview on Russian security services' operations against Alexey Navalny and the Russian opposition."

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In another Tweet, he noted: "What's also peculiar, while local news reported the person believed to have been the driver in the hit-and-run was detained & criminal charges expected to be announced, the prosecutor's office only says vehicle believed to have been involved found, and no mention of driver."

Sushko also pointed out official documents from New Jersey had reported on a "49-year-old Jersey City woman" being injured in a hit-and-run on the same day, but made no mention of the incident concerning Khubaev.

Other social media sleuths agreed the circumstances around Khubaev's unfortunate injury seemed questionable.

One added: "He avoided the dangerous window ledge that is piling up victims," referencing the swathes Russian businessmen who have died in the last year, allegedly from having fallen out of windows, often after publicly condemning the war in Ukraine.

Another agreed, writing: "No 4th-story windows were available," while a third chimed in: "If he is still alive, they will come for him at the hospital."

Last year, dozens of critics of Vladimir Putin's regime wound up dead under mysterious circumstances as the Ukraine conflict rages on.

Several have reportedly suffered falls from windows or balconies or hit their heads, while others have been found shot or hanged, allegedly having committed suicide.

In December, two business associates died in the same Indian hotel – Vladimir Bidenov reportedly succumbed to heart problems despite having no prior health issues.

Just two days later his travel and business partner, the meat mogul Pavel Antov, was found dead below a window at the hotel after reportedly taking a tumble.

Others have passed away "unexpectedly" with no cause of death given.

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