Russian soldier attacked comrades with an axe after boozy frontline session

One Russian soldier had a little too much to drink as he attacked his comrades with an axe on the frontlines.

The Twitter account @wartranslated posted a video of the military commander scolding the soldier responsible in front of several comrades, including one who was attacked.

He captioned the video: "Russian mobiks had a little drink, and one started chopping his friends with an axe so they had to beat the hell out of him."

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The superior began his rant saying: "Last night, our comrades got drunk together with the unit commander. Rafis, I didn't expect this from you at all, that you would allow this.

"This 'hero' grabbed an axe and started chopping his comrades, yelling 'I will kill you'.

"These two comrades beat the f*** out of him, f***, there's an enemy here, and there, you're on the f****** frontline."

He then asked, "Who did it?", to which one comrade answered "yes".

The leader asked the man to "show his face".

After finding out the comrades were hit in the back and head, he turned to the comrade responsible and asked: "Did you want to kill them or what?"

"How many times [did] I warn you, don't drink lads, for f**** sake.

"I said this will come to this, next time you'll be throwing grenades?" he sarcastically asked.

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"You have no brains at all."

He told them that they're on the "f***** edge" and a letter will be sent home to the man's home about his actions.

"They should know that you like chopping people.

"Imagine if you killed him.

"Drink at home, why are you drinking at the front, if you don't like it here, drop the gun and say "I can't serve, this is it, I'm broken."


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