Russian troops accidentally incinerate own men by firing flamethrowers at them

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Russian troops have accidentally targeted one of their own units in Ukraine with a powerful flamethrower system in a horrifying “friendly fire” incident.

On Facebook, Ukraine's 97th Infantry Battalion posted an ironic message of thanks for the devastating strike, which has yet to be acknowledged by Russian sources.

The message said: "The leadership of the 97th Infantry Battalion expresses its satisfaction with the actions of the Russian occupiers, who today, using the heavy Zantsepek flamethrower system in the Zaporizhzhya direction, used it against their positions and actually burned the racist occupiers from Ukrainian soil.

"Such actions are positively perceived and supported in every way by the Ukrainian military."

TOS-1 rockets as well as thermobaric flamethrowers were reportedly used in the operation.

The TOS-1 Buratino, a 30-barrel launcher mounted on a T-72 tank chassis, can deliver thermobaric warheads which lay a rolling field of fire that can eliminate large enemy troop formations in a matter of seconds.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed in March that the weapon had been spotted as part of Russia ’s invasion army and later reports revealed that Ukrainian forces had captured at least one Buratino and had used it against the Russians.

Russia has not publicly commented on the incident, and it is unclear how much damage was inflicted on Putin's troops.

There have been claims from the same region that demoralised Russian troops have been vandalising their own vehicles so they cannot be sent into battle.

According to Ukrainian sources, Russian troops have been deliberately firing on their own vehicles to slow their own advance to the front line.

The Zaporizhzhia Military Administration posted on Telegram: "According to local residents, Russian troops have shelled 20 of their own vehicles in Polohy in order to avoid going to the front line; they blamed the shelling on [Ukrainian] resistance fighters in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporizhzhia.”

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Poor morale has crippled Putin’s dream of a quick victory in Ukraine.

A Pentagon source told US political blog The Hill that Russian troops have been refusing to advance into Ukraine.

“We still see anecdotal reports of poor morale of troops, indeed officers, refusing to obey orders and move and not really sound command and control from a leadership perspective,” they said.

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