Russian warship Moskva had nukes on board when it was sunk by Ukraine

The Russian warship sunk by Ukrainian missiles allegedly had “nukes on board” when it was destroyed.

The news of the sinking of the flagship Russian missile boat Moskva was hailed as a huge loss for Russia yesterday.

And 24 hours later it is proving even more devastating that first thought, as it has now emerged the huge ship, badly damaged after a Ukrainian attack off the coast of Sevastopol, actually carried several nuclear weapons.

Although not confirmed, BlackSeaNews editor-in-chief Andriy Klymenko called for an urgent international probe into whether the Moskva was carrying nuclear weapons.

"Friends and experts say that there are two nuclear warheads for cruise missiles on board the Moskva,” he said.

“Perhaps for many this is new information, but it is true – the warship is a carrier of nuclear weapons.”

Russia originally claimed that the ship was damaged because ammunition had “exploded” causing a fire on board.

But this is a claim nobody, especially Mr Klymenko, believed.

He continued: “Where are these warheads? Where were they when the ammunition exploded?

“Where is the point on the map, the coordinates?

“This is with the competence of the UN Security Council, and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency).”

And Mykhailo Samus, deputy director of the Lviv-based Centre for Army Studies, Conversion and Disarmament, warned: “On board the Moskva could be nuclear warheads – two units.”

“They would be in a protected place, so most likely they were not damaged by the explosion.”
Despite Russian claims of a fire, famous Russian filmmaker Vladimir Bortko might have let slip that it was in fact Ukrainian's who sunk the ship.

Overnight, on national Russian television, he gave an impassioned and tearful speech on a panel debate show about the ship.

During the rant, which has now gone viral on social media, he said that the sinking of the ship was a “real casus belli” for war against Ukraine.

The phrase “casus belli” is Latin for “an act or an event that either provokes or is used to justify a war”.

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