Russians given 19th-century rifles and drink pond water filled with dead frogs

Vladimir Putin's troops are woefully underprepared for their invasion of Ukraine and have resorted to drinking from ponds filled with dead frogs.

Since Putin's remarkable act of aggression in invading Ukraine, things have gone from bad to worse for his invading forces.

According to Russian conscripts on the frontline, many have been given 19th-century rifles and been ordered to draw enemy fire.

Fighters in the Donbas region have said they were shipped out to Ukraine with no food or water, no training and completely subpar equipment.

Speaking to Reuters, one soldier revealed he had been ordered to protect his men from a close quarter attack by Ukrainian forces despite never being trained.

He said he told his commanding officer: "I don't even know how to fire an automatic weapon."

He added: "“We were taught nothing. Up to that point I had only seen mortars in movies. Obviously, I didn't know how to do anything with them.

“There were lots of casualties. I hate the war. I don't want it, curse it. Why are they sending me into a slaughterhouse?”

He was later forced to drink from a stinking pond of water which was littered with the bodies of dead frogs as his unit had run out of supplies.

Other draftees have reportedly been issued with a 19th-century rifle called a Mosin which hasn't been used since World War Two.

These men were allegedly told to draw enemy fire so that surveillance units could locate the Ukrainian positions and bomb them.

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Meanwhile, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be eyeing up sending even more weapons shipments after pledging to send “more lethal” aid to Ukraine.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, chief of defence staff, said the UK was moving to a “new phase” with regard to the type of military equipment it could provide.

But he did not specify which type of weapons Britain might send.

A cabinet source said: “The Ukrainian army is not only holding big cities, but it is also forcing the Russians to retreat. Our support needs to change with that.”

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