Russias huge nuclear arsenal and how UKs measly missile collection compares

Worrying figures of nuclear warhead stockpiles claim that Russia has more nukes than the UK and USA combined.

A report from the Arms Control Association (ACA) has listed the number of nuclear warheads Russia have as more than twenty times the size of the current UK arsenal.

A chilling warning from Russian President Vladimir Putin that said Western nations would face "consequences they have never seen", sparking fears that Russia's hoard of nuclear weapons will be put into action.

Fears of nuclear war have been raised since Russia's invasion of Ukraine last week.

Claims from the Arms Control Association say that both Russia and the US have thousands of nuclear weapons.

But according to the ACA list, only Russia and US have a stockpile in the thousands, with countries like China, France and the UK numbering in the hundreds.

For the UK, a stockpile of just 225 nuclear warheads was reported, a whopping 27 times smaller than the Russian stockpile of 6,257.

Ukraine reportedly has zero nuclear warheads, dismantling and getting rid of nuclear weapons left behind by Moscow during the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991.

The country pushed for denuclearisation, but the United Kingdom still has over 200 nuclear warheads, some of which are part of the Vanguard nuclear deterrent project.

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Trident-class nuclear submarines are also on hand for use in the UK's nuclear deterrent programme.

The 225 nuclear warheads available to the UK rank it higher than Israel (90), Pakistan (165), India (156) and North Korea (40) but far lower than France, who have 290 nuclear warheads.

Britain's nuclear deterrent is based in the Royal Navy, with at least one nuclear-armed missile maintained in the ocean and undetected at all times.

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The system for the nuclear warheads has been in place since 1969 and can only be activated by the Prime Minister, currently Boris Johnson.

Even if NATO sanctions or deploys the use of nuclear warheads, it is up to the Prime Minister whether Britain's warheads are utilised.

President Putin has put Russia's nuclear deterrent on alert in the latest signal of the lengths he will resort to in a bid to achieve victory in Ukraine.

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