Russias losses in Ukraine made public as UK set send anti-aircraft vehicles

Russia's devastating losses in Ukraine have been revealed by the Defence Secretary as the UK gets set to send the country anti-aircraft vehicles to help fight Putin's jets.

Vladimir Putin's army has lost around 15,000 Russian troops as the brutal invasion enters its ninth week, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs.

On top of the rising death toll of Russian troops, the army has also lost thousands of pieces of their military equipment – with possibly over 2,000 vehicles destroyed, Mail Online reported.

The destroyed vehicles include over 530 tanks, around 530 armoured personnel carriers and 560 infantry fighting vehicles.

Incredibly, it's been noted that Russia has lost double the amount of troops of US casualties during both conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Defence Secretary added that Russia had now seen over a quarter of their 120 battalion tactical groups fighting in Ukraine rendered "not combat effective".

He went on to confirm that the UK would send a small number of armoured vehicles fitted with anti-air launchers to Kyiv.

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The donation would give Ukraine's military "enhanced short-range anti-air capabilities both day and night," according to the Defence Secretary.

Since the invasion began the UK has sent over more than 5,000 anti-tank weapons and five air defence systems – along with over 100 missiles, 4.5 tonnes of plastic explosives and 1,360 anti-structural munitions.

The Defence Secretary claims that Russia "has so far failed in nearly every one of its objectives" in the first 61 days of invasion.

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