Saddest Grand Designs owner said he should be dead after sharing dark past

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The creator of the infamous “saddest ever Grand Designs” has said that he attempted suicide when he was younger.

Edward Short, 54, was at the centre of a heartbreaking saga on the Channel 4 favourite that took him into massive debt while his marriage broke down.

Initially aiming to spend £2.5million on his breathtaking Chesil Cliff House on the North Devonshire coast, a series of challenges saw the plan taken to its limit.

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With panoramic views, an infinity pool and huge spaces to live or host, the finished project is now on the market for £10million.

Nestled between Saunton Sands and Croyde Bay, what is now so beautiful was once so bleak, a project that threatened to ruin a life.

It took him £7million in debt, with the house and a divorce sinking him lower and lower.

But Edward is a fighter, someone who has come through huge hardships in the past that no doubt helped get him over the line with this incredible project.

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When he was just 15 years old, MailOnline reports that Edward flung himself off a bridge. He was full of disregard for himself and thought things would be better if he wasn’t around.

He jumped over a railway line and earned himself a fractured spine, two broken wrists and 12 broken ribs.

“I was disgusted with myself,” he told the paper. “I wanted out. I should be dead. However, I was given a second chance and was determined to have a good life.”

The reason behind the way he felt came from the abuse he received as a child from paedo teachers. At a boy's school in the 1980s, he fell prey to a predatory adult meant to be looking out for him. "He crouched beside my chair and rubbed his hand up and down my leg," Edward told the Mail.

He went on to be groped and accosted on a near-weekly basis. "I’d dread going to school. I’d sign the register and bunk off," he added.

The teacher invited him to the pub to drink booze, but Edward realised that was part of the problem. "I thought that was cool, aged 14. I felt he liked me by showing interest. He molested me in his car afterwards".

"He was clever, using alcohol, pretending to be friends. He offered to buy me a leather jacket and when I got into trouble for bunking off school he lied to the Head that he’d taken a call from my parents saying I was ill."

As he got older he was able to stand up for himself and the abuse stopped. But that came with its own problem: "I realised I could have stopped it before. I was disgusted with myself. I became scared of other people finding out."

It was one night after a party where he had just kissed his new girlfriend having had a drink, that he was walking home and made the terrifying decision. "I was completely lost. I didn’t trust myself.

"I was crying uncontrollably. I just wanted out". It was then that he jumped off the bridge.

He is understood to be in a better place now and has found a new partner in 38-year-old nurse Jalia Nambasca.

However, last year the couple lost a male friend to suicide – It’s understood they hadn’t known that Edward had once made an attempt on his own life.

Edward is now using his experience from those difficult times and his journey back from them to help people who might be in a similar situation.

“I kicked myself for not spotting the signs, given what I’d been through,” he said. “I hope my story of not giving up will help people.”

If you need help, call Samaritans on 116123 or visit


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