Sarah Everards mum feared daughter had been burned alive by evil Wayne Couzens

Sarah Everard's mum revealed her fear that her daughter had been burned alive in a heartbreaking statement in court.

Susan Everard told the Old Bailey today (September 29) that upon learning her daughter's body had been burnt, she felt it was "the final insult" from Met Police officer Wayne Couzens who was guilty of kidnapping, raping and murdering the 33-year-old in March.

Mrs Everard paid tribute to her "wonderful" daughter as she said her family "could never say goodbye" due to the destruction of Sarah's body, My London reports.

"When Sarah went missing we suffered days of agony, not knowing where she was or what had happened to her," Mrs Everard said.

"Then, when Sarah’s burnt remains were found, we spent two terrible days waiting for tests to show how she had died, fearing she had been set alight before she was dead – the thought was appalling.

"Burning her body was the final insult, it meant we could never again see her sweet face and never say goodbye."

After driving around London "hunting for a lone young female" Wayne Couzens, 48, used his police-issue warrant card and handcuffs to snatch Ms Everard as she walked home from a friend’s house in Clapham, South London, on the evening of March 3.

The firearms officer, who had clocked off from a 12-hour shift at the American Embassy that morning, drove to a remote rural area northwest of Dover in Kent, where he parked up and raped Ms Everard.

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Susan said: "She spent her last hours on this earth with the very worst of humanity.

"She lost her life because Wayne Couzens wanted to satisfy his perverted desires. It is a ridiculous reason, it is nonsensical; how could he value a human life so cheaply? I cannot comprehend it. I am incandescent with rage at the thought of it.

"He treated my daughter as if she was nothing and disposed of her as if she was rubbish."

Married Couzens burned her body in a refrigerator in an area of woodland he owned in Hoads Wood, near Ashford, Kent, before dumping the remains in a nearby pond.

Mrs Everard told the court: "Our lives will never be the same. We should be a family of five, but now we are four. Her death leaves a yawning chasm in our lives that cannot be filled. I yearn for her."

The hearing continues on Thursday, September 30.

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