Scary footage shows moment boy, 4, shot at cops arresting dad in McDonalds

Shocking bodycam footage captures the awful moment a 4-year-old boy opened fire on police officers under the order of his dad who was being arrested in McDonald's.

Officers had been arresting Sadaat Johnson, 27, at the Drive Thru in Salt Lake City after he "brandished a knife" at staff.

As he was being arrested, an officer heard a gunshot followed by a second and then noticed a gun being brandished in the back seat and sprinted round to investigate.

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The disturbing footage shows the cop screaming “Drop the gun!” as he stares at the 4-year-old shooter.

The frightened child drops the weapon and a second female cop can be heard saying “Are you all right, kid?” as she removes him from the car.

The officer received a minor injury to his arm and was hailed a “hero” for his restraint and quick thinking, which is believed to have saved a life.

Authorities have since claimed that Johnson "told the child to shoot at the police.”

According to court records obtained by ABC4, the young child told investigating officers he had opened fire as he wanted to 'protect daddy.'

Both he and a second female child have been taken into protective custody following the incident.

Johnson pleaded guilty to child abuse or neglect and aggravated assault in March.

The deadbeat dad was sentenced to 120 days in prison followed by three years of probation.

He will also undergo anger management and parenting courses and will no longer be able to own firearms.


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