School to introduce gender-neutral uniform after 15-year-old student’s campaign

A gender-neutral uniform will be introduced at a secondary school after a 15-year-old pupil’s successful campaign.

Fin White started the petition as the school had two pages in its guidelines on the uniform policy, one for boys and one for girls.

He said he wanted to bring about "a change” to benefit all students, Somerset Live reports.

Norton Hill School, in Midsomer Norton, Somerset has now created a non-gendered uniform after he gathered 217 signatures.

Fin said many students at all schools, who identify as non-binary or reject gender stereotypes, are left confused as to how they are expected to dress within school rules.

The school has now agreed to revisit its uniform policy.

Any student will be able to wear any item of uniform that they wish, regardless of their gender.

The petition said: "We need to take away the separation and unite the two pages [of uniform policy] forming a more open section in which every single student can feel comfort in, knowing that despite their assigned gender they are allowed to wear trousers or skirts and not be defined by their gender."

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Fin said: “I strongly believe inclusion should be a vital part of education, every student attending school should feel accepted and comfortable.

"Therefore I feel a change in the uniform policy would support this to ensure every aspect of our schools encourages diversity.

"Having a uniform policy which is non-gender specific will allow each and every student to feel accepted.

“I fully support a uniformed school as it ensures most students know how to look presentable in a working environment, however, I don’t see the need to separate the policy due to gender.”

His mum Melanie White said she was "incredibly proud" of his campaign.

Headteacher Gordon Green said he was "immensely proud" of him for having the "courage to effect change”.

He added: “We've already changed a number of school guidelines to be gender-neutral but had not updated the diary uniform guidelines.

"The governors do have a final say in this but I can't see it being a problem as it's a logical thing to do. It means that boys can wear skirts if they wish and vice versa.”

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