Seagulls that own village unleash attacks on locals who now need tetanus shots

People living in a village in Anglesey, Wales, have been left terrified by bullying seagulls that have been running riot through their area, putting some people in hospital.

The boisterous birds have been so aggressive that several Llanfairpwll residents have required medical treatment, NorthWalesLive reports.

Long-time resident of the area, Gareth Parry, 70, said the birds had been wreaking “havoc” in recent months and that the avian assault was "worse than it has ever been".

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Among the wounded, many Llanfairpwll folk have needed tetanus shots following encounters with the town’s new overlords.

“If I could, I'd send my council tax to the seagulls because they own this village now,” Parry added. “Something needs to be done, so many of us have complained to the council but nothing is being done."

One woman is reported to have been "quite badly hurt" having fallen on her arm during an attack.

Parry is now more cautious about leaving the house for fear of running into a mob of the gangster gulls.

He has now called on Anglesey council to step up their game, claiming that the situation is only getting worse as the area’s population grows.

He even went so far as to say that children in the area were too scared to go to school, with nesting gulls making their camp in a building nearby.

"This is a problem that we've been having every summer for years now but this year it's even worse," he said.

"Once the seagulls have their chicks, they become extra aggressive to the point where you think twice about leaving the house.

“They nest near the houses, on the streets, and across the village centre, and if you get anywhere near one of them, you'll get attacked by three or four of them.”

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According to Parry, people have been too scared to even exercise their pets, saying: “I was talking to people on my street the other day and they said they won't take their dogs out for a walk because they're afraid of being bombarded – it's that bad.

“It's like being back in lockdown for some people, but at least in lockdown you could walk your dog without being attacked.”

"When the chicks start to grow and walk around the village by themselves, that's when the problems seem to start.

“The seagulls are obviously protective of them and they'll attack anyone who comes anywhere near them. I've had them dive towards me but I've not been bitten or attacked yet. If there's a chick anywhere near my garden, I know I won't be able to go out because I'll just get pounced upon.

The Daily Star has approached Anglesey Council for comment.


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