Sex doll creator offers fans models of celebs like Piers Morgan and Joe Rogan

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A sex toy maker has raised eyebrows after giving the public the choice of who their next life-sized doll will be, with TV chef Gordon Ramsay an early front runner.

Inferno Official, a worldwide industry leader in the manufacture and supply of lifelike dolls and toys, created a Twitter poll on Wednesday (June 8) giving the public the choice between seeing Ramsay, Piers Morgan and Joe Rogan in sex doll form.

The company – which also make dolls to look like influencers and OnlyFans stars – is headed by Ben Stroud.

He told the Daily Star: "Joe Rogan has the world's biggest podcast and the UFC, versus the arrogance of Piers Morgan and the world's most arrogant chef, Ramsay. Let them battle on social media!

"I have sold bespoke human sized elf dolls, fat dolls, hairy dolls, everything you can think of…so I won't be surprised if people are interested."

Piers Morgan shot into an early lead but Ramsay has since took over, with five days remaining until the poll closes.

Stroud, a Brit who lives in Thailand, said business is booming, especially after the pandemic had people locked indoors.

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"The industry as a whole more than doubled, factories couldn't keep up. Everyone was at home bored, no social interaction, so no sex!"

Asked whether the pandemic was a blessing in disguise, he said: "Yes, not just for me, the whole industry went mad!"

Last month, Stroud said that some customers were exploiting a Paypal loophole to get refunds while keeping the goods, leaving his company £100,000 worse off.

Revealing a list of its most bizarre complaints, the company said that one customer moaned that his doll didn't "look enough like his ex girlfriend" despite seeing photos of the product beforehand.

One red-faced husband was even forced to send his model back after it was discovered by his disgruntled wife.

Stroud said one man recently bought a doll of porn star Thor Johnson with "extra hair on its back and bum" but then decided the goods were too heavy after a couple of days of use.

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He said: "We had a guy this week who ordered one of our most popular dolls Thor Johnson but wanted it extra hairy, he wanted extra hair on the back, legs, bum, you name it he wanted hair on it.

"He loved the photos of what we created for him, then two days after receiving his personalised doll he complained it was too heavy.

"He knew they are the weight of a human. However, he complains to Paypal and they rule he deserves a refund."

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