Sex robot customers demand ‘alien ‘hybrid’ models from Westworld-style factory

Sex robot customers have demanded an “alien hybrid” model from one of the world's leading manufacturers.

RealDoll, based in California, the US, recently shared a picture of one of its designs on its Instagram page.

The “fantasy” sex doll is kitted out with elf ears, long black hair and dark make-up.

Realdoll asked its followers: “When you get creative with your orders, it lets us be creative with our work!! Who wants to see more fantasy dolls?”

Social media users were blown away by the design, and some had their own personal requests.

One responded: “I’m thinking of an alien hybrid. Look to some of the past episodes of Star Trek for inspiration.”

Others called for “more alien dolls” and “a mermaid”.

RealDoll produces some of the most realistic sex robots in the world alongside Abyss Creations.

Its more advanced models are equipped withartificial intelligencecapabilities, and have been recorded carrying out conversations and mimicking orgasms.

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Another company rolling out fantasy dolls is LoveDolls, based in Zhongshan, China.

The business, which sells its models on, has previously 3D-scanned porn stars and customises the most popular brands at its Jinsan factory.

During the pandemic, it started designing new “monster models” with tails, hooves and vampire teeth.

Customers also demanded strange eye colours, hooves, and red and blue skin.

Company spokesman Adam earlier theorised the uptick has occurred because more people are stuck at home playing computer games, withcoronavirusrestrictions in place across the world.

He told the Daily Star: “I have come to this conclusion from not just the sales, but all the email requests.

“Before lockdown the majority of email requests were asking for dolls that looked like specific porn stars or movie stars.

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“However, nowadays the vast majority of requests are for fantasy characters from computer games or movies.

“They almost always have a sexy human body, but with a pretty face and alien features such as elf heads, colourful skin, horns, crazy eye colours and vampire teeth.”

LoveDolls exports its products to the US and a raft of European countries, and the average price of a doll sold by the company is $1,800 [£1,361].

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