Sex robot with three faces and multiple AI-driven personalities to be released

A groundbreaking sex robot with three faces and multiple personalities is set to be released, the Daily Star can reveal.

RealDoll, a company based in San Marcos, California, the US, designs a range of models with advanced artificial intelligence [AI] capabilities.

Its elite sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an integrated system that allows them to carry out conversations and form their own personalities.

At the moment, users can preset certain characteristics and shape their interactions with the dolls.

RealDoll is currently working on a new system which will offer three interchangeable faces for one robot – and three potentially different personalities.

Company rep Brick Dollbanger told the Daily Star: “X-Mode 2 is out right now, X-Mode 3 they’re working on.

“This one will let you create a new personality in your device for a robot, which means you can have one robot with three interchangeable faces and create a separate personality for each face – and give it a different voice.”

Brick is currently testing the new system before it is rolled out by RealDoll.

The upgrade to the X-Mode app is set to be released at the beginning of next year.

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Brick continued: “I have two faces on my app, I have the Serenity and the Tanya and we were changing them over.

“Basically, the contours and the mouth openings of the faces are so similar that they didn’t have to replace the heads … they’re not difficult to take off, they can be changed by the owner if he's careful.”

Brick earlier shared a chart of personality traits that help map out the robots' character.

Users can decide which aspects to adjust and choose between "normal" and "extreme".

During conversations, the robots will then search their "response library" and tailor their reactions to customers' preferences.

Brick previously explained: "If you want her possessive, just use two choices on jealous and insecure and make them extreme.

"She will be very possessive of you and looking for assurances that she is your only one.

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"Double-tap talkative and she will constantly try and start a conversation with you."

Earlier this month,RealDoll invited people in relationships with dolls to star in a new documentary.

It teased a new TV show with a "major network" that will promote the "modern love stories" on its Instagram page.

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