Shocking footage of a cyclist’s narrow escape from truck in Taupō

A truck driver has been stood down and an investigation launched after shocking footage emerged of a cyclist’s narrow escape in Taupō.

Goodman Fielder spokesman said they were “very concerned” by the footage.

“The driver has been stood down and is currently not rostered on duties,” he said.

“We have launched an investigation into this incident which involved one of our distributor’s trucks.”

The company said they could not comment further as the investigation was under way.

The Friday morning incident was caught on a camera which was mounted to the bike.

The footage was later uploaded to YouTube in a bid to spread awareness of sharing the road carefully and looking out for cyclists.

The husband of the woman, who did not want to be named, said the incident happened at the intersection of Richmond Ave and Lake Terrace in Taupō.

The video shows a cyclist pulling up to a give-way sign at the intersection, behind the line, and a truck can be seen coming directly towards her.

She calls out “hey, stop” and the collision between the bike and truck is heard as the bike and camera fall to the ground.

The bike stays on the ground and a passerby asks if the cyclist is alright before shouting “you were not looking” to the truck driver.

“You’re not meant to cut corners like that, mate,” the passerby says as she wheels the bike off the road, and the truck can be seen parked in the background.

The husband of the woman uploaded the video to YouTube and wrote in the description a small account of what happened to his wife as she cycled to work.

“A delivery truck on Lake Terrace not only cut the corner but came straight at her after failing to see her,” he wrote.

“Fortunately, she was able to jump off her bike just as she saw the truck and managed to escape with just some bumps and bruises and damage to the bike.

“It could all have ended a lot worse.”

He said the driver did stop and apologise, and while the driver was at fault, “there is no need to bash or flame him”.

“I am sharing this video to raise awareness for everyone driving to share the road carefully and to look out for cyclists, as they are the most vulnerable people on the road.”

The crash was reported to police and they have been approached for comment.

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