Shoppers offered hand sanitiser by yobs who replaced it with super glue

A group of young yobs offered free squirts of "hand sanitiser" to shoppers queueing outside a popular Morrisons store – but the liquid actually turned out to be super glue, it has been claimed.

The incident, which took place at a supermarket at Five Lane Ends, Bradford, on the evening of Monday, January 18, has been brought to light by a woman who says she narrowly avoided the trap, YorkshireLive reports.

Kathy Smith spotted the group of teenagers approaching different shoppers in turn, offering them free squirts from the branded hand sanitiser bottle.

She says she almost accepted their offer and has no doubt the boy with the bottle would have squirted it on her hands, had she held them out, but she stopped short when some from the group let out a laugh.

"The lad approached me showing me the bottle of 'sanitiser' asking if I would like a free pump," she said.

"He was eagerly waiting for me to hold my hand out with a massive smile on his face.

"They all started to laugh. I asked, 'what’s in the bottle?' He said, 'sanitiser' while laughing.

"I heard one of the lads laughing and he said, 'F****** superglue'.

"They all walked off laughing when I said, 'I'll pass thanks'."

Kathy was relieved to avoid the trap, adding: "I’d have been in Bradford Royal Infirmary all night."

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Brits have been urged to use alcohol hand sanitiser to stop the deadly coronavirus.

Last week Trading Standards has issued a recall for lbcccndc Instant Hand Sanitiser, which has a very similar design to household staple Dettol and contains an ingredient that can cause death.

The sanitiser was being sold on Alibaba, eBay and Wish but has now been removed, the Liverpool Echo reports.

It was found to contain 37% methanol – a highly toxic banned substance reports consumer charity Which.

According to Which, methanol is a dangerous substance and should not be used in hand sanitisers.

Ingestion or contact with it could lead to methanol poisoning – symptoms of which include headaches, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, loss of coordination and even death.

Recommended alcohols for use in hand sanitiser are ethanol and isopropanol, which considered safe for use but should still be treated with care, as all alcohol-based hand sanitisers can be toxic if ingested, particularly to young children.

The branding of the potentially deadly sanitiser looks very similar to the well-known household brand Dettol, but the product not only contains toxic methanol but also doesn't contain enough ethanol to kill germs effectively.

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