Short-sighted Prince Harry looked constipated in ITV chat, expert claims

Prince Harry was "very short-sighted" in his tell-all ITV interview and looked "red-faced and constipated", according to a royal expert.

The Duke of Sussex sat down with ITV's Tom Bradby ahead of the official release of his memoir, Spare, tomorrow (Tuesday, January 10).

Among other things, Harry insisted "I love my family" and said that he wants "reconciliation" with them.

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Royal expert Daniela Elser reckoned it was an "excruciating" piece of television.

She also didn't think that Harry came off as well as he'd have hoped, crediting Bradby for challenging the Duke.

Writing for, she said: "It was an excruciating watch, a good 90 minutes of the royal looking red-faced and constipated at Bradby’s refusal to wholesale buy his tired arguments and him rolling out a series of bananas lines like his saying he 'hoped' that a 'reconciliation between my family and us will have a ripple effect across the entire world'."

Many of the revelations in Harry's book have already been made public after it was leaked in Spanish last week.

Among Harry's most outrageous bombshells, he detailed a physical fight with Prince William, discussed how he lost his virginity (in a field behind a pub) and admitted to having taken cocaine and magic mushrooms.

For Elser, not only are the book and accompanying interviews "excruciating", they could have dire long-term consequences for Harry.

She continued: "But in unleashing this media blitzkrieg and in putting out Spare, Aitch might have just done something very, very short-sighted and unwittingly opened Pandora’s box.

"With Spare and the ensuing PR campaign, the 38-year-old has, according to an expert, dealt a serious blow to his chances of enjoying anything even remotely close to privacy in the future."

Elser then cites Press Gazette editor Dominic Ponsford, who said: "One of the big factors judges take into account when assessing privacy claims is the extent to which claimants have put matters into the public domain themselves."

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