Sickening scenes as toddler caught on dashcam footage running down busy motorway

Shocking dashcam footage has emerged of a toddler running down a busy motorway in Australia.

The three-year-old can be seen running across a major Sydney highway road with three lanes of traffic while stunned motorists looked on as traffic began to move left in his direction.

Fortunately a heroic driver leapt out of his vehicle to rescue the boy, on King Georges Road, in Wiley Park in the Australian city, just in time as a car turns into his path.

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The lorry driver whose dashcam took the video told 7NEWS.: "Every car was in shock, [thinking] like 'what should we do?'"

The lorry driver added: "I felt stressed. I don't have kids, but it's something you don't see everyday."

The three-year-old had just escaped from a nearby home via a gap in the fence without his parents realising.

His mother claimed that she had only looked away for a “moment”.

Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward said it served as a reminder for parents and children to be vigilant.

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“That’s why our families need to look out for each other on the road, things can change in a second,” she told 7NEWS .

Last year a three-year-old was also saved after he was seen walking at night in the middle of a Sydney street.

The boy had reportedly sneaked out while his family were loading up their car with furniture in the Panania suburb.

Luckily a man got out of his car and went to the rescue of the boy.

"I stopped to save him," the man told 9News.

"Okay, this place is very dark and there is — two ways cars, they (are) coming fast, one behind me and another one.

"So, I have to stop and I pick up him from the street."

Dashcam footage also showed that rescue with the worried family of the boy turning up 10 minutes later after realising what had happened.


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