Singer who had oral sex on stage with fan wows in pink game over lingerie

The controversial singer-influencer who was caught on tape letting cats suck on her nipples and giving oral sex while on stage has wowed fans with a sultry Instagram post.

MC Pipokinha, a Brazilian funk artist, usually makes headlines for all the wrong reasons, but it is a sweltering impromtu bedroom lingerie shoot that is gaining traction this time around.

"I'm a queen," wrote the 24-year-old musician as she gyrated on her bed, donning a pink underwear two piece with the words "game over" emblazoned across her breasts.

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"I kneel before this goddess," wrote one fan in response, as another said "Pipokinha my queen".

However, such is her divisive character, she has her fair share of detractors. One person dubbed her "clueless" while another person demanded answers for her past behaviour.

She followed up on the April 10 post with another to prove "my beauty is natural".

Posing with a friend and with no makeup on, the musician urged followers to tag a friend and challenge them to post a photograph without effects or makeup.

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MC Pipokinha, whose real name is Doroth Helena de Sousa Alves, last ruffled feathers when she was seen giving influencer Nathalia Valente’s dad her “signature” on-stage move, known as an “a** beating”.

She was filmed on all fours grabbing the influencer’s dad’s head between her feet and repeatedly smashing it into her behind in front of a large crowd.

The dad was seen looking dazed and dishevelled following the public “a** beating”.

The influencer, who put the video up to her TikTok, said that her dad was celebrating his 60th birthday.

Brazilian publication Máxima reported that the influencer’s mum was not hurt by her husband’s choice, instead saying that it was a “fun moment” that was fine because she was at the show with him.

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