Sister of woman dead in Newport car crash was killed by drug driver in 2015

A woman whose sister was killed by a drug driver in 2015 is one of three people who have died in a South Wales car crash that also left two people seriously injured.

A Volkswagen Tiguan carrying Sophie Russon, 20, Eve Smith, 21, and Darcy Ross, 21, Rafel Jeanne, 24, and Shane Loughlin, 32, was discovered some trees yards off the A48 in Cardiff in the early hours of this morning (Monday, March 6).

It has been reported that the incident may have gone unnoticed for some 48 hours.

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According to reports, Eve Smith's family has confirmed that she has died in the traffic accident.

Her sister Xana was killed in a car crash in January 2015 after a driver who was drunk and high on cocaine and cannabis gave her a lift.

Sakhawat Ali, then 23, had given Xana a lift home from a party despite being extremely inebriated before the car flipped over travelling at 60mph in January 2015.

Eve and her family had previously appeared in a Sky documentary 'This is Our Family' where they called for tougher sentences for dangerous drivers.

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Police are today probing if the car lay undiscovered for 48 hours despite lying next to one of South Wales' busiest roads.

Of the five in the car, only two are thought to have survived.

Firefighters were seen carrying stretchers and cutting equipment towards wreckage this morning.

Mike Holmes, 52, a driver at the scene this morning, said: "It's incredible that thousands of cars must have gone past without knowing. My heart goes out to the families, it's awful to think they were in the car and so close to people going by."

Gwent Police have revealed they had found three bodies in the early hours of this morning with two other people rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

It has not been confirmed by police which of the five passengers have died though BBC Wales reported earlier today that Ms Russon is in hospital with serious injuries.

Meanwhile, member of Eve Smith's family confirmed to The Sun that she had died, with several of her grieving friends posting on social media about her untimely death.

One user posted: "Gutted and shocked to wake up to the news that Eve Smith and 2 others have passed away" while another wrote "Such a kind hearted strong women, it don't seem real, such a young age. So, so, so sad. Taken way too soon. RIP Eve."

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