Six kids fighting for life as huge amount of chlorine dumped into swimming pool

Twenty-one schoolchildren have been poisoned after 250 times the normal amount of chlorine was released into a swimming pool in Russia.

Nine adults have also been rushed to hospital, with six of the 21 children fighting for their life in intensive care.

Medics have described their condition as "grave" and have suffered injury to their eye and need oxygen support after struggling to breathe.

A spokeswoman for the region’s governor, Anastasia Krotova said staff who clean the Dynamo public swimming pool are responsible for an error with the chlorine.

It is understood up to 250x the normal recommended chlorine amount for a pool was dumped into the pool.

The area has since been closed and emergency workers wearing hazmat suits were pictured storming into the recreation centre.

Pictures show army workers looking at pool tanks, with clothes and yellow liquid strewn in changing rooms.

Frantic nursing staff can be seen standing around a small child in a hospital as medics discuss how to treat their patients.

Another image shows a child in a cot hooked up to an IV drip as doctors look on at the poisoned kid.

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Other snaps show a worker in a orange hazmat suit standing over the pool area with a chemical reader as an investigation is carried out.

Chlorine is a chemical found in cleaning products which is used to kill bacteria in swimming pools.

Consuming large quantities of the chemical can be fatal.

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