Snorkeler comes face to face with monster shark before diving into deep sea

A snorkeler experienced a lucky escape after coming face to face with a shark when she was about to dive in deep water.

The woman came across the large shark, donning her snorkel and ready to take the plunge as she healed onto the boat side ladder.

Before taking a dive, she was seen submerging her face below the surface of the water before quickly hoisting herself back onto the boat.

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Just moments later a set of gaping jaws came to the surface, as the large shark pursued her – narrowly missing her as it snapped its sharp teeth shut.

The clip received over 526,000 likes after it was shared to the @fishingfins TikTok account but people were stunned at how close the sea beast came to biting her.

One person said: "Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you one of the world's most luckiest person ALIVE."

Another quipped: "The water would be a deep shade of brown if that was me!"

A third commented: "So glad she didn't just jump in."

A fourth wrote: "I'd be traumatised and afraid of the ocean for the rest of my life!"

It has not been confirmed where the video was recorded.

The news comes after a gruesome shark attack saw a man pull his arm out of the beast's jaws, only to find half of it missing.

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Chuck Anderson was training for a triathlon with his friend Richard Watley, when the pair were struck by what was believed to be a 6-foot bull shark, weighing an estimated 180 pounds.

The attack, which occurred about 100 feet off the beach at Alabama's Gulf Shores in the United States in 2000, made headline news as the father-of-two-battled back from life-changing injuries to competing in triathlons again.

The shark dragged him across the ocean floor for about a minute, and then laid on top of him on a sandbar.

Anderson hit the shark with his left arm, and struggled to get his right arm out of the shark's mouth.


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