Snow will blanket over the UK this week after gale force winds pass

As meteorological forecasts revealed Scotland will be hit with snow by November 17th and the rest of the countries odds of having snowy weather will increase by 50%.

In the meantime, the northwest faces torrential rain throughout today, while the rest of the UK will see clouds in places early on but will see sunshine develop in the afternoon.

The cloud and rain in the northwest is down to a cold front which is moving into western Scotland during Sunday who will also face gale-force winds too.

The cloud and rain will then continuing down to the East on Monday.

The east will have dry weather with sunny spells until this cold front moves down causing rain to fall.

However, some areas across the UK will have fog which will take some time to lift, according to the Met Office.

Overnight, the rain will become much lighter in Scotland as the east will have showers and fog.

Into next week the north and north west will see occasional rain followed by sunshine and showers.

There will be a lot of dry weather early next week in the south but there are likely to be dense fog patches in places.

Temperatures are dropping low enough to see frost in places at night as well as fog dropping too but in the day it will stay mild around 10 degrees.

Winter will spread further down the country as Scotland are likely to be hit with snow in the northwest late on this week.

The Met Office said: "Temperatures are above average overall, but short-lived colder spells are likely, with the risk of snow and ice, especially in the north."

By November 23, the snow has the potential to blanket Northern Ireland, Wales, and large parts of northern England.

A day later, according to the WXCharts forecast, the southeast and London could see their first flurry of snow.

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