Squirrel lover builds Swingers Club for backyard critters with infinity pool

An animal fanatic has built an incredible miniature wildlife village for squirrels in his back garden featuring an infinity pool and decked out Christmas cabin.

Paul Everitt, 38, has spent the last 18 months carefully creating an incredible climbing frame which features 1.5m high platforms which are connected with a series of bridges.

After the self-styled solo adventurer was stuck on home soil and not able to go abroad during the coronavirus lockdown, he decided to use his time to build a "squirrel superstructure" so he could be more in touch with the wildlife at home.

Paul managed to use scrap bits of wood to create an infinity pool and Christmas log cabin for squirrels to lounge and enjoy.

He even built a "landing pad" for pigeons fitted with a letter "P" to land on.

Paul has dubbed the structures tower the "The Swingers Club", which features an infinity pool made of Perspex, and a “Corn Tosser” feeding station that spins the squirrels around.

The structure reportedly welcomes 10 squirrels daily and Paul says he has also seen eight foxes, a badger and numerous birds enjoying his creation.

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He said: “Prior to Covid, I would travel a lot – I tended to do long journeys, kayaking in Alaska, Finland and Sweden, or cycling across continents.

“I lived in Canada for a bit, and I miss that wilderness as I’m used to bears and wolves coming up to me. With Covid hitting, I needed a project to take my mind off not being able to do that.

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“It relaxes me as I don’t have a TV, so I just sit and watch the wildlife – it’s just a nice little hub."

Paul said work started on the raised structure after he bought a three-bedroom bungalow in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, and began to clear its overgrown garden.

He said: “A house popped up in Grimsby, it was a bit of a steal, and I thought I’d work on that, with my background in plumbing and plastering.

“But I couldn’t help but notice there was an abundance of squirrels around in the back garden.

“The back garden was over run as it had been left to ruin and nature had taken it back."

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