Standard transmission stumps would-be Winnipeg carjackers, say police

Police are searching for two suspects who apparently can’t drive standard after a violent but ultimately failed carjacking in the Polo Park area early Wednesday.

Officers were first called to a business parking lot on Portage Avenue near Polo Park around 4 a.m. after two employees reported two men had tried to break into each of their vehicles.

The victims told police they had each been sitting in their separate vehicles after arriving for work when they noticed two men on bikes checking car door handles in the lot.

Both men honked their horns — trying to scare off the suspects — but one man said the pair instead came up to his car and tried to break-in before he was able to drive away.

The second man said one of the suspects came over to his truck and lifted his shirt to show what looked to be a gun handle in his waistband before the suspects took off on their bikes.


As they searched the area police say they were flagged down by a third man, who was injured in another nearby parking lot on Portage Avenue.

The man said he had been attacked by two men on bikes who tried to take off with his vehicle after stabbing him in the leg. He was taken to hospital in stable condition.

Police say the suspects couldn’t drive away because the vehicle had a standard transmission.

The man was able to escape from the stolen vehicle with minor injuries, but police are still on the lookout for the carjacker, who they say rammed a police car before ditching the SUV.

Anyone with information about that case is also asked to call the major crimes unit.

On Wednesday police said Winnipeggers need to be extra cautious during the COVID-19 outbreak because criminals may be taking advantage of the fact that there are far fewer people on the streets.

“Practice situational awareness. Look around,” police said in a statement Wednesday.

“If anything … doesn’t feel right, get to a place of safety.”

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