Stealth bombers worth billions filmed soaring over US in broad daylight

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Three of the world's most expensive planes have been filmed flying over US airspace.

The B-2 Spirit stealth bombers, worth a whopping $2billion (£1.4bn) each, were filmed soaring above Utah yesterday.

Footage, which was posted online, clearly shows the pricey military aircraft, renowned for their triangular shape, and their contrails.

The reason for the operation is unclear, but Twitter users claimed it was an unusual sight in the state.

Designed during the Cold War to combat anti-aircraft defence systems, the B-2 Spirit is able to evade military surveillance and can be armed with nuclear weapons.

Twitter user SLCScanner shared the video, saying: "This is something you don’t see everyday. While in #UtahCounty I looked up and see 3 contrails. Nothing showed up on Radar or ADSB. I zoomed in and saw 3 B2Bombers flying in formation. Very rare to see 3 at about 50,000 ft cruising over Utah."

The photos reveal three contrails curling in the sky emitted by the triangle-shaped B-2 aircraft, as the three bombers cruise at high altitude.

It is not the first time military aircraft have been spotted in strange locations.

In October last year, two Russian bombers were intercepted by RAF Typhoons over the sea off north-east Scotland.

The incident also involved a Voyager fuel tanker aircraft from RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire.

Norwegian Air Force aircraft from Bodo Airbase were also on station as the two Tu-160 Blackjack bombers were shadowed by the RAF planes until they left the "UK's area of interest".

The Tu-160 is a high-speed bomber which, while not a true stealth aircraft, has low radar visibility.

It can carry up to 44,000lb of conventional free-fall bombs or nuclear weapons.

One of the Typhoon pilots involved in the mission said: “We worked closely with units from around the Royal Air Force to deliver another successful intercept, maintaining the safety and integrity of UK and Nato airspace throughout."

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