Sticky Vicky’s daughter to bring back mum’s iconic vaginal magic show

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Benidorm is to celebrate the end of lockdown with the return of 'Sticky Vicky' – though not the notorious original.

Maria Gadea Aragues, whose mum spent 35 years entertaining British tourists at the Costa Blanca resort nicknamed 'Little England', will take on the sequined underwear and the trademarked name her mother made famous.

Maria 'Sticky Vicky' Victoria, who is now 78 and a grandmother, survived cancer after a shock diagnosis 5 years ago but is now suffering early-onset dementia and awaiting a second hip replacement.

Her daughter, 39, said: "I’ll be performing on my own. My mum’s the legend and we’ll have to see how the audiences take to me but I’m a hard worker and a survivor and hopefully I’ll do her proud.

"Even if I wasn’t doing this, my mum’s legend would live on."

Benidorm icon Maria Victoria appeared on the hit sitcom of the same name as Sticky Vicky and became a hallmark of British tourists' visits to the Alicante region resort.

Vicky invented her X-rated show after combining her ballet training with magic tricks in the economic hardship which followed the collapse of Spain's dictatorship in the mid-1970s.

Highlights of the explicit performances included pulling objects including ping pong balls and beer bottles from inside her body.

A 2007 review estimated 6 million people had seen Sticky Vicky live. She retired in 2015 after 35 years and thousands of performances.

When Vicky announced her cancer diagnosis in 2016, the support she received from well-wishers was immense.

Vicky's daughter Maria said: “Everyone remembers her and even in the hospital when my mum was having cancer treatment and going for check-ups afterwards, she was still being recognised by locals and tourists."

Lifelong fan Margaret Martin, from Cardiff, said at the time: “Oh Vicky this is sad to read but you are a very strong lady.

“I have loved you for 30 years when I accidentally went into a bar and you were there. Never missed a show after when I visited Benidorm.

Geoff Sayers, from West Yorkshire, added: "I’m sure that all Benidorm and your fans around the world will be rooting for you."

Maria added she hopes the shows will help revive Benidorm's struggling local economy, which has suffered badly during the coronavirus pandemic.

She explained: “We all need to work. The situation in Benidorm is bad for a lot of people because the British tourists aren’t here and a lot of businesses have had to close for good."

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