Storm to unleash brutal 65mph winds and heavy rain to batter UK today

Met Office shares week ahead weather

Strong gales reaching 65mph in coastal areas are set to cause delays to commuters travelling by road, rail, air and ferry, the Met Office has warned. The two yellow wind warnings, which are in place from 3pm today until 3am tomorrow and 6am tomorrow until midnight, warn of powerful gales and heavy showers battering the southwest of Britain, especially in parts of Wales and Cornwall. Areas affected include London & South East England, South West England, Wales, North West England, Northern Ireland and SW Scotland.

Jim Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, has said that while the Met Office is yet to name the incoming storm, he has urged them to do so as powerful gusts and adverse weather heads towards the UK.

He told “So far the Met Office have yet to make it a named storm (Antoni) but in my view they should.

“Later today, but especially overnight and through Wednesday, 50-65mph gusts west Wales, the Channel coast, NW England & Northern Ireland are expected.

“However, as the low centre moves across us and splits into two, almost anywhere may see sudden gusts of 50mph especially in and around blustery showers.”

While this week may be a harsh return of unsettled weather after the glorious sunshine many experienced over Easter as temperatures soared to 17C in many parts of the UK, warmer weather is in the cards again next week, the meteorologist said.

He added: “Some better news: sunshine and rising temps through next week widespread 17-21C on cards.”

According to weather maps, while rain and wind is expected to batter the nation today, temperatures will be reasonably mild in the east, with London areas lingering around 11 to 12C.

The southwest will be a bit chillier with only 6 to 9C throughout the day.

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At night, however, temperatures are expected to drop across the country with parts in Northern Ireland dropping below freezing to -1C, meaning frost could be an issue for morning commuters.

Most of Wales should expect to linger around 0C overnight, weather maps has revealed.

The southeast will be the warmest overnight, as London could be as warm as 5C tonight.

As today progresses, the Met Office warns of continued heavy rain.

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Steven Keates said: “The focus for the medium-range forecast is a low-pressure system that’s likely to develop just to the southwest of the UK, potentially bringing a period of high winds and heavy rain late on Tuesday and into Wednesday.

“There’s a distinct possibility of some disruptive wind for parts of the UK, especially in southern and western areas, as well as potential for heavy rainfall and even some snow, though the latter probably confined to high ground in the north.

“Although subject to a large degree of uncertainty, gusts of wind could be in excess of 60 mph in some exposed upland or coastal regions, with around 35-50 mm of rain possible for some areas.”

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