Strange Jaffa Cakes research rubbished by Daily Star cup of tea taste test

The Daily Star has rubbished bizarre Jaffa Cake dunking research that has claimed the controversial treat is the best to dunk.

Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Ed Balls recently enjoyed our front-page conversation regarding Jaffa Cakes and have even weighed in on the great debate, but now we've set out to settle an important question.

The news comes in the middle of a fierce debate about whether it's a cake or biscuit, after the highly controversial snack was dubbed the most dunkable.

We knew we were right, but thought it only fair to prove that bizarre research is plain wrong.

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In a taste test, we dipped Jaffas and other favourite biscuits in a cuppa including Hob Nobs, Ginger Nuts and Rich Teas.

We then did the unthinkable – and attempted to eat one of the spongey Jaffas after it had been soaked.

There is no doubt joy to be had from dunking the correct biscuit in tea and allowing the sweet warm snack to melt in your mouth.

But during the experiment we were left revolted after discovering the Jaffa does not disintegrate like all the other biscuits under the microscope, and instead stays intact.

The Jaffa’s orange centre was stripped of its rich flavour and the spongey exterior became dry and tasteless.

In fact, we could only withstand having the revolting morsel in a few seconds before it needed to spat it out.

While a Jaffa is a lovely treat to be enjoyed on its own, it is a cake, not a biscuit and does not bear up well when mixed with tea.

It may well hold together, but the bottom line is the taste, which is far inferior to a non-dunked Jaffa or ordinary Ginger Nut.

The boffins have definitely got this one wrong!

Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid and Channel 5 host Dan Walker are right – it is mind-boggling why anyone would chose to put this biscuit imposter into cuppa.

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