Strip club slammed for massive sign asking for Ukrainian exotic dancers

A strip club is getting slammed for auditioning strippers from war-torn Ukraine.

A Las Vegas strip club is supporting Ukrainians in their struggle against the Russian invasion by hiring strippers from the country.

The venue Little Darlings recently posted an ad on their club's signage that declares: "Now Auditioning Ukrainian Strippers."

The sign also includes a Ukrainian flag and the words "We Stand With Ukraine" written underneath.

The club's manager, Pete Dottore, revealed that hundreds of thousands of drivers pass by the sign and say they haven't gotten a bad reaction.

The businessman says the billboard has even caught the attention of three Ukrainian dancers, one of which he's hired.

When asked if the ad was inappropriate, the club owner insisted: "We're standing by them. It's not [anything] derogatory towards them.

"We feel like if we can help out in any way that's the best way we can do it is maybe help put someone to work."

However, not everyone agreed.

Local business owner Mary Grace Uniguez said: "Why couldn't [they] offer an executive position within Little Darlings — why couldn't [the club] offer her a management position?"

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She added: "There are so many other alternatives to make money, to pay for your life and that isn't the only alternative. And I think instilling confidence and empowering women that you can do more than that is of importance."

The establishment is known for its eye-catching advertisement in the past.

In 2015, the club posted an ad that said: "Now auditioning the class of 2015."

The club owner shared the club's advertising practices: "It's more of how far can we go?

"It's a job," he added, "We don't exploit women. If anything, we exploit men."

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