Students hosting massive parties for people with positive coronavirus tests only

Covidiot students are holding "Covid Positive" parties as Britain battles a surge in coronavirus cases.

Massive gatherings of people with positive tests for the bug are being organised in university halls.

A Manchester University fresher revealed a wild house party was broken up by security on Saturday.

The 18-year-old physics student told the Guardian : "There was a flat party a few days ago which had a policy that you could only get in if you were positive. It was like their health-and-safety measure."

In a statement, the University and College Union UCU said: "It is clear the Government needs to stop pretending university campuses are well prepared for this crisis, and tell all universities to halt in-person teaching to control the spread of the virus."

A major outbreak at the university has now seen more than 1,000 students test positive for coronavirus.

Thousands more have been forced into isolation as its Fallowfield campus became a Covid-19 hostpot.

The area has the university's biggest concentration of first-year students, with cases rising every day.

Reports of worrying behaviour have emerged after dozens of students were filmed partying outside halls in Fallowfield last month.

Revellers who brazenly shared ‘Covid wah?’ captions on Snapchat were "strongly" condemned by the university.

It warned their antics could eventually cause the virus to spread to more vulnerable age groups in the community.

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Manchester’s director of public health, David Regan, said the city’s spike is being driven by cases among the 17 to 21-year-old student age group.

There were 2,740 new cases in Manchester in the week up to October 1, and more than half (55%) were in the 17-21 student age group.

The incidence rate for this group is now 2,935 per 100,000 people, nearly six times higher than the rest of Manchester (495), and over 23 times higher than the national rate (125).

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It come amid rising cases across the country, with analysis showing the UK-wide infection rate has increased from 63.8 per 100,000 to 125.7.

Meanwhile, staff at the coronavirus-hit Northumbria University have called on vice-chancellor Andrew Wathey to resign as UCU members agreed to ballot for industrial action over health and safety concerns.

The university announced on Friday that 770 students had tested positive to Covid-19.

They included 78 who were symptomatic. Those who tested positive are now self-isolating in their accommodation.

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