Students in sex warning about spreading Covid-19 in bedrooms in Freshers’ Week

University students have been issued a sex warning about spreading coronavirus in their “bedrooms” ahead of Freshers' Week.

Health Minister Lord Bethell admitted the Government is “deeply concerned” their antics could lead to the disease spreading.

He urged them to behave responsibly as they head to university campuses across the UK – despite Freshers' Week being known for its debauchery and naughty antics.

His plea comes after the Government moved to tighten restrictions following a rise in confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Social gatherings of more than six people will be banned from Monday in a bid to curb the spread.

The minister confirmed measures are being considered to enforce social distancing, the Evening Standard reported.

Lord Bethell said: “We are deeply concerned about the spread among students.

“Some of that spread will take place in universities, and I pay tribute to the efforts of vice-chancellors to put in place social distancing arrangements in universities; we hope that they will have an impact.

“That is the responsibility of the students themselves, and we are looking at measures to enhance and enforce the social distancing measures that will stop the spread of this disease.

“However, some of the effect is in their social life – in pubs, clubs and bedrooms up and down the country.”

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Universities are being urged not to send students home if they are affected by an outbreak amid fears it will cause the disease to spread across the country.

It comes as cases among younger people are rocketing.

Statistics show the coronavirus weekly incidence among 17 to 18-year-olds has risen to 48 per 100,000 people.

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For those aged 19 to 21 it has gone up to 54 per 100,000, while for 20 to 29-year-olds it has increased to 41 per 100,000.

Lord Bethell, who used to manage the Ministry Of Sound nightclub, also called for an end to illegal raves.

He said: "I used to organise raves, I used to love raves, but I implore all those who organise raves to stop because you are creating a massive public health disaster.

"Fines have been put in place, we will come after you, but please look into your conscience – stop the raves, protect lives."

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