Summer Solstice sex rituals as pagan orgies see Stonehenge renamed Bonehenge

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Stonehenge has been dubbed Bonehenge as pagan orgies and "solo sex magic" will be how many see in the Summer Solstice.

A real-life wizard said: "Summer loving on the longest day and shortest night may give some a fright.

"But Monday marks a celebration of fertility as kinky witches show off their ability."

Swingers have dressed as druids and pagans for an orgy inspired by the celestial event at the famous ancient stones in Wiltshire.

Real pagans have slammed them as they say their religion has nothing to do with it.

But druid chief Wally Dean told the Daily Star there will be a "big party" at the site this year as it's a "battle of good and evil" against the delay in Freedom Day, with Monday supposed to signal the exit from the Covid lockdown.

King Arthur Pendragon, a senior archdruid, added: "All druid rituals have an element of fertility, and the solstice is no exception.

"We celebrate the union of the male and female deities – the sun and the Earth – on the longest day of the year."

New York-based writer Karley Sciortino has described how she and her pals "unleash their inner slut goddess" for the Solstice.

"It’s the time of year when we’ve made it through the hellish winter and we can finally crawl out of our asexual Seamless caves, slather on the St. Tropez, and let loose our inner slut goddess", she wrote in Vogue.

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She also described how a friend held a "special solstice masturbation ritual, in order to orgasm us (humanity) into summer".

It involved a group of people watch her naked friend touch herself in a circle of crystals while donning a flower crown.

Sarah Potter wrote that "solo sex magic" boosted her career after a break-up in Cosmopolitan magazine.

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The sex blogger said: "I have it all planned out. Candles, incense, music, and even what I am wearing.

"Full moons and often the Equinox/Solstice holidays are when I perform rituals like this."

The longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere will officially kick off the start of summer.

Signalling the coming harvest, it has long been linked to fertility in cultures across the world.

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Swedish Midsummer traditions include dancing around a maypole – with lots of children born nine months later.

Jan-Öjvind Swahn, a Swedish author, once said: "A lot of children are born nine months after Midsummer in Sweden.

"Drinking is the most typical Midsummer tradition. There are historical pictures of people drinking to the point where they can't go on anymore.

"There used to be a tradition among unmarried girls, where if they ate something very salty during Midsummer, or else collected several different kinds of flowers and put these under their pillow when they slept, they would dream of their future husbands."

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The ancient Greek ritual Klidonas involves local virgins gathering water from the sea.

Folklore says the magic of the day imbues any personal belongings they put in a pot and leave it under a fig tree overnight with prophetic powers.

The girls will also dream of their future husbands and later in the day, the sexes mingle and take turns jumping over a bonfire.

Filmmaker Eleni Fanariotou said: "In my village, the older women always seem to come up with the dirtiest rhymes.

"It's a good time to meet someone, because all the young people in the village go, and it's a good opportunity to socialise."

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