Suspected fentanyl discovered in Dillon supermarket bathroom prompts investigation

An investigation is ongoing after police discovered a small amount of a substance believed to be fentanyl in a supermarket bathroom in Dillon on Wednesday, April 12, according to Dillon Police Chief Cale Osborn.

Police responded around 2 p.m. to City Market after staff reported the situation to law enforcement, Osborn said. An officer immediately took possession of the substance while wearing personal protective equipment, he said.

“We absolutely want to find the person who left their drugs in a public place,” Osborn said.

Citing an ongoing investigation, the police chief declined to provide additional information about the situation. While it is uncommon for drugs to be left in a public place, anyone that comes across what they believe to be dangerous drugs, suspicious packages, guns or weapons should immediately report the situation to law enforcement, he said.

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