Sussexes aggravating style must change as South Park shows growing backlash

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle must change their "aggravating" PR strategy, an expert said.

    The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were ruthlessly mocked in a brutal South Park episode named The Worldwide Privacy Tour, in which a cartoon Prince of Canada and his wife, who bore a remarkable resemblance to the couple, "try to find privacy and seclusion in a small mountain town."

    But the episode quickly took aim at the former royals, with the Prince promoting a book called Waaagh which looked oddly similar to Harry's new memoir, Spare, and the animated pair loudly declaring "we want privacy".

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    And PR expert Marcel Knobil told the Daily Star that the controversial TV show was "riding on the back of a seemingly growing backlash against Harry and Meghan".

    "South Park has a reputation for being contemporary and relevant," he said.

    "Reference to Harry and Meghan reinforces this.

    "It appears that South Park is riding on the back of a seemingly growing backlash against Harry and Meghan.

    "Even numerous supporters are tiring of their relentless 'woe is Me-ghan' lament."

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    Knobil believes the pair have grown "boring and aggravating" and have turned even their own supporters off after several years of "constant backbiting" against their royal relatives.

    "The episode shines a light on significant weaknesses in Harry and Meghan's PR," he added.

    "So much of their messaging is negative. The public tires of constant backbiting especially when it's relentlessly going over old ground.

    "A repetitious moaning chorus becomes boring and aggravating. It also appears that the authenticity of their narrative becomes more and more questionable," he added.

    "Certainly from a UK perspective, the PR strategy […] was largely responsible for alienating what was originally a predominantly embracing and positive audience."

    South Park viewers were quick to comment on the episode released last night (February 15) with many fans agreeing it was an accurate depiction of the Sussexes.

    "The Harry and Meghan episode was so accurate and true we would love to see more of them on other episodes! They could be regulars! It’s the best episode ever," one enthusiastic fan said.

    Another added: "Thank you @SouthPark for the accurate projection of the widespread sentiment of weariness we all feel about Harry and Meghan‘s nonsense."

    However others believed the criticism had gone too far, with a third person tweeting: "South Park calls Harry dumb and stupid […] that's just mean idk".

    But Knobil said the pair shouldn't get bogged down in defending themselves following the release of the episode and instead "focus on positive action".

    "If they are asked for a quote, perhaps the response would be, 'we have been South Park fans for ages, and as Terrence said, when you go through a lot with somebody, you can't let trite things come between you'," he added.

    "[Focusing] on positive action and messaging, pursuing reconciliation and undertaking positive activities, especially for good causes, should help them win back support over time."

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