Sweet golden retriever rescues and comforts six bunnies who lost their mum

This is the heartwarming moment a sweet golden retriever comforted six newborn rabbits after they became separated from their mother.

Otis, six, discovered the tiny fluff-balls out of their nest and vulnerable to predators on his daily walk so decided to take matters into his own hands.

He carefully gathered the bunnies in his mouth and sheltered them between his paws.

The tear-jerking clip shows the pooch licking them gently until they are calm.

Otis’ heroic act saved the bunnies from predators such as hawks that are known to hunt in the area.

His owner Jenna Laigle, a 31-year-old dancer, was then able to scoop them up and return them to their mother in the nearby nest.

Jenna, from Torrington, Connecticut, US, said: “We live on a farm and so there are wild animals all around that pray on baby rabbits.

“We were on a walk in the field when Otis discovered the baby bunnies out of their nest.

“He gently picked them up one by one, until he had four in his mouth.

“Then he found a spot to lay in the field and started licking them to making them feel safe. He’s such a good boy, so we knew he wasn’t going to do them any harm.”

Otis didn’t stop there. He found two more baby bunnies later that day scattered in different areas around the property and looked after them until his owner came to the rescue.

“Otis felt such pride in his effort to rescue these babies,” Jenna added.

“He’s such an old soul and super emotional so he did his job in finding and comforting them until they were brought back to their nest.

“We have had baby bunnies around the property for as long as I can remember – all wild.

“I’m sure we will have more stories like this come springtime.”

It comes after another golden retriever named Daisy was filmed sulking on a sofa – only to have a complete change in emotions once her owner mentioned the word "chicken".

The clip has been seen thousands of times on Instagram after it was shared.

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