Taipei warns China could invade Taiwan by 2025 as Beijing targets reunification

Taiwan MP Wang Ting-yu says 'Biden's strategy is multi-lateral'

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The latest report submitted to the island’s parliament for a budget review by the ministry highlighted that China’s People’s Liberation Army did not yet have enough amphibious ships for an invasion carried out in a single wave of landings. The ministry said: “[Taiwan’s] military strongly defends ports and airports and they will not be easy to occupy in a short time. Landing operations will face extremely high risks.”

It further warned that by 2025 China would have improved its ability to control the waters.

The Chinese military is rapidly modernising and bolstering its navy, adding larger and more powerful warships.

Taiwan’s ministry also said Beijing could use military exercises to launch a surprise attack.

It warned Chinese forces could concentrate in the waters east of Taiwan, from where they could surround the island and cut off reinforcements from Taiwan’s allies before they launch an attack.

The ministry further explained how the Chinese military has limited capacities in logistical support and that the island’s armed forces could disrupt its supply lines by harassing the transport ships and planes on which Beijing would rely to send ammunition, food and medicines to its troops across the more than 100-mile wide Taiwan Strait.

But the report was published at a time of growing tensions between Tapei and Beijing.

Beijing has ramped up tensions by sending military planes to probe the airspace near the island almost every day.

President Tsai of Taiwan is overseeing a military modernisation programme to make the island harder to attack.

Her government plans an extra NT$240 billion (£6.5 billion) over the next five years in military spending most of it on naval weapons, including missiles and warships.

However, Beijing considers Taiwan part of Chinese territory, is committed to “reunification” by 2050 and does not exclude the use of force.

Nationalistic voices calling for the Chinese military to “liberate” Taiwan as soon as possible are also said to be growing louder.

Diplomats from China have warned Taiwan not to underestimate Beijing’s determination and its ability to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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However, Washington has said it could enter into confrontation with China if an invasion of Taiwan does occur.

The US has a security agreement, which has been reaffirmed by President Joe Biden, with the island to supply it with sufficient hardware and technology to deter any Chinese invasion.

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