Teaching assistant facing sack over OnlyFans claims school board was subscriber

A teaching assistant at a school who may soon get a pink slip over her OnlyFans has boldly claimed that the school district baord that employed her admitted to paying for her adult content.

Ava James, also known as “The Dommy Mommy”, has been fighting to keep her job as a teaching assistant at Terry Fox Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada, after she was found to have an account on OnlyFans that she regularly posts to.

The Coquitlam School District, which employs her, sent her a cease and desist letter, which threatened to end her employment if she did not take down her OnlyFans and other related social media accounts.

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The 35-year-old single mum, whose real name is Kristin MacDonald, has now claimed that the school district paid for a subscription to her OnlyFans in order to see what sort of content she was putting up using taxpayer money.

Ava, who is currently on non-paid medical leave due to a back injury, says that despite her and her daughter desperately needing money, she expects to be fired from her post.

“I mean, they could draw it out, or they can tell me next week that I’m terminated,” she told Canadian outletthe Daily Hive.

Ava said she is determined to fight to keep her job, and has enlisted her union, Cupe 561, to help her.

Her union representative, Randy Kootte, said that he and the group will continue to fight alongside Ava, saying: “The union does not believe that Kristin’s off-duty conduct violated any company policies or collective agreement provisions.”

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But even if she manages to keep her job, she has already faced a massive backlash by other members of her school.

She said that in one meeting, she was read a range of comments made about her by her fellow staff members at the school.

“The statements were all extremely negative. They made comments on my appearance, how I don’t belong in a school, that they can’t look at me the same way because of what I’m doing. It was all opinion-based comments,” she said.

Ava added that she hoped her case would allow other people in education who moonlight as sex workers to feel a lot less stigma for what they do.

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“What I hope the final outcome will be is that this situation sets a precedent for other people in similar situations where maybe they are being discriminated against based on doing some sort of sex work.

“I would like to see policies and employers be more accepting and progressive with their opinion and outlook on sex work. Because sex work is still work.”

The Daily Star has reached out to the Coquitlam School District for comment.

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