Ted Bundy-obsessed girl lured date to his death and vowed to kill lover a day

A serial-killer obsessed teenager set up a fake dating profile which she used to lure a man to his death.

Sarah M, as she is known because of German privacy laws, lured Zayed E to her Bavaria home on the first day of a text exchange.

As they drove together the 19-year-old lunged at him, stabbing him in the neck. The 38-year-old managed to get the knife off her but went into a coma in hospital and died three weeks later.

A blood-soaked Sarah M was found in a nearby town an hour later. This week she was jailed for 12 years.

Now, chilling messages revealed in court show the depravity of Sarah M – who wanted to kill a lover every day and who idolised Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez.

"I'm going out now, I want to kill my first one. I'm excited. Wish me luck that it works," she said to a friend in a voice message before the attack on Zayed, a security guard.

According to German newspaper Bild, Sarah M, originally from Switzerland, vowed to kill another lover every day from May 1.

A court heard how she had bought a camping knife five days before the initial attack in May 2021.

Tim B, a former close friend of Sarah's, said she had planned the killing and admitted to it.

He said: "I thought the man touched her. But she told me what happened and said she planned it."

He said he always noticed something strange about her because of her obsession with serial killers.

"She had pictures of Richard Ramirez in her Insta story. And I chatted with her about the theory that Jack the Ripper was a woman and therefore was never caught," he said.

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Zayed's family said they were shocked by her appearance at the trial.

"We were shocked by her appearance at the trial. She came with makeup and new clothes and has no regrets about what she did," said Zayed E's sister Fatima.

When she was given her sentance in a socio-therapeutic facility for the murder, the killer held up her left palm where she had scrawled a pentagram, a symbol often used by Satanists.

The judge highlighted how Sarah M had researched online where to stab a person in the neck and how long it would take to die.

“It is extremely rare for a perpetrator to kill a person out of lust for murder," the judge said.

Just two months before the murder a mental hospital diagnosed Sarah M with borderline syndrome and strong suicidal thoughts.

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