Teen mum star of Channel 4 TV show who hid gun for boyfriend to stay in jail

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A mum who starred in Channel 4 show "Educating Greater Manchester" has had her prison sentence reduced after being jailed for five years.

Mia Peers was featured on the Channel 4 programme which followed the lives of children at Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton in 2017.

The show revealed that Peers became pregnant while aged 15, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Since then Peers, who is now aged 20, has been jailed for five years after she stashed a gun and ammunition for her boyfriend.

However, judges in London have now ruled that the crime was committed under "exceptional circumstances" and have reduced the sentence as a result.

Criminals who are convicted of a firearms offence face a minimum five-year jail term unless they can prove that the crime was committed in such circumstances.

Peers' story was a feature of the popular Channel 4 show which followed her struggle as she tried to balance her pregnancy with sitting her GCSEs.

Despite facing these challenges, she went on to sit all of her exams, and later studied hairdressing at Salford City College.

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Speaking at the time of the programme, Peers' mum said that her daughter was a "fantastic mum".

"Mia has done a fantastic job of bringing her up," she said.

"Even people my age find it difficult to be a parent, so for her to have done it as well as her exams and to carry on to college is amazing."

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At Mia's Manchester Crown Court sentencing hearing in July, the court was told that Peers is now pregnant again, and is due to give birth this month in prison.

Mia appeared in court after her boyfriend gave her a bag to hide and told her "not ask any questions".

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Although suspicious, Mia did not check the bag, which contained a self-loading pistol and five 9mm bullets.

Around 10 days later, Mia was visiting a friend's house when armed men stormed the property.

Both she and her friend had knives held to their throats during the terrifying ordeal.

But the masked men had targeted the wrong house, with Peers later coming to realise that they were likely looking for the gun and ammunition.

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She looked inside the bag after the ordeal and realised what was inside, touching the gun and magazine in the process.

Peers then told her mother, who informed the police.

Although she had initially been "too scared" to tell officers about the gun, Mia later showed them where she had hidden the weapon.

She pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon and possessing ammunition.

Mia Peers' sentence has now been reduced to three years and nine months after a ruling at the Court of Appeal.

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